Happy 11th Birthday, VideoSift :-*
It seems our birthday just flew under the radar, but yesterday VideoSift turned 11 years old!

It's been an incredible and long journey and I'm so thankful you're still here with us.

I love you.

Submitted by lucky760
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Better late than never. VS is growing up fast. I remember when it was a baby!
written by ant

Rightbackatcha Lucky [and @Dag]!
written by PlayhousePals

This Birthday Bash needs a proper *frontpage !

Happy Siftversary!
written by dotdude

Printing this post atop the VideoSift homepage - frontpage requested by dotdude.
written by siftbot

"The (birthday) cake is a lie."
written by ant

Happy Bday!
written by Mordhaus

Huzzah! Here's to the best video aggregator out there! Happy Birthday!
written by iaui

Happy Siftaversary. 11th is steel. http://holidayinsights.com/anniversary/year.htm Sifty would have to be happy about that.

I wore my old patinaed VideoSift tee to the markets today - I'll count that as a commemoration. Onwards!
written by dag

I don't post much.. in fact, hardly ever. (despite being a member since Aug 2007)..

but I will say, that I visit VS nearly every day, and have been showing videos, from it, to my wife for 10 years.. and son for 7 years.. and it's still one of the best 'filters' of funny, interesting, and thought provoking videos, out there in Innernet land...

Congrats all!
written by rbeckett

Happy Siftversary Videosift & @siftbot !

11 years is an awfully long time on the internet, this place has done amazingly well to be live and active for that time.
It's all down to the great community and the talented brains that run the site
written by Fantomas

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