Google vows to be tough on copyright when it completes its takeover of YouTube.Submitted by mauz15
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I can't say I'm surprised. Not too long ago, but still quite a while ago, they rid themselves of every anime show that ever was on Youtube, leaving only the AMVs, of which I am not a fan.

Although on the subject of Google, did they change how to get the embeded code? I can't figure it out.
written by SplinterOfChaos

uh-oh. Siftbot's going to be busy. I guess I'm really glad that VideoSift has multiple providers, if YouTube wanes, we'll have other sources to pick up the slack. But still crappy about having to discard videos.
written by dag

It's hard to imagine YouTube being the same if they really get rid of it all.. lonelygirl15 and lipsynching to songs only gets you so far..
written by winkler1

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