For all the Gamers on the Sift - Steam Sale
There is a HUGE sale on steam right now. A ton of games of all varieties are on sale up until July 4th. I myself am picking up a few that I didn't feel like spending $50 for but will gladly pay $5 (Ghostbusters the Videogame)
(Ok so it's actually $6.79 but it made for a good sentence)
Check out the sale!

Also, Gwiz sucks at Battlefield Bad Company. If anyone with some skill wants to throw a gauntlet down in that game let me know.
Submitted by JiggaJonson
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What's this newfangled high-fallutin' thing called Steam?
written by blankfist

I quit playing video games after I mastered the original Mortal Kombat. It all felt so meaningless after that. Ripping a beating heart out of a chest simply lost all its magic.
written by kronosposeidon

Ghostbusters is definitely a game I want to get, but will be doing so on the Wii so my kids can enjoy it too, I hardly get a chance to play games on my PC anymore, so I'm finding I get much more time to play if it's on the Wii with the kids... Plus there's something about using the Wii Remote as a Proton blaster that appeals
written by spoco2

Mac too?
written by dag

Send me $6.79 and I'll pretend to sell you a computer game too.
written by gorillaman

Wow, the entire collection of Overlord games for a measly $4.50? Sold.
written by NetRunner

Call me out, will you? Question my mad skills, will you??

Someone fetch me my dueling glove. I need to teach this young whipper-snapper some manners!

Later tonight, JJ, 1v1 BC2. Be there and be square.
written by gwiz665

I'd be up for some BC2. My soldier's name is "BiancoNero"
written by campionidelmondo

@campionidelmondo I'll add you when I get home.
written by gwiz665

What games do you guys recommend from steam? I just got my new computer after ten years of crap laptop. I'm definitely going to buy the orange box and play portal, but what else?
written by Ryjkyj

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