Downvoting Based Solely on Tags
I'm sure there are a handful of people who do this, but this has to be the most egregious example. I had grown quite irksome of mkone's downvote rampage of every single American football video based on the idea that "zomgz this is not football -- it's American football!" regardless of the content of the video (which he likely didn't watch). I posted to his profile to raise the issue, and he promptly deleted the post (along with other posts asking the same questions and his account suspension notification from about a month ago), sans reply. Here are the VideoSift guidelines for downvoting (emphasis added):

Down voting is available, but only for members with a Bronze Star or higher. (See above.) Down voting is useful for when you find something you really don't like or just feel does not belong on VideoSift. If a video dips too far into negative numbers in its vote tally, SiftBot will automatically discard it. Please do not down vote a video because you dislike the Sifter who submitted it; this is entirely unacceptable. Instead, vote solely based on the quality of video content. If down voting or any other member privilege is intentionally misused, the offending member will be temporarily banned for no less than 2 weeks. A second offense will result in a permanent ban.

Clearly, he is not downvoting based on the quality of video content, but on the tags the submitter added. Based on the VideoSift guidelines, this is unacceptable and represents mkone's second breach within a month.

Here are the videos: (he also declared this particular video dead as he downvoted it, clearly showing that he could not have voted based on the video content)

What say you?
Submitted by nibiyabi
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Hmmm....guess you'd have to compare it to the rules for up-voting....if up-votes are to be based on merit, or content, or personal appreciation for the overall vibe of the sifter, or tags, or any other 500 reasons people will be people, then.....WHAT?

Like JD said, whiners and bitchers are what made this an issue in the first place, that and assholes-and what of ant's reputation? Do we call him out and demand an explanation for all of his?? Do we make it mandatory that folks explain their beef with what and who and for what for???

I say siftquisition is the best way to call out a user and offer them up on the alter of ego.....what usually happens from experience is this:
1. User tucks tail, tells th place to fuck off, and slinks away, sack empty and flaccid....
2. user comes forward, relinquishes all rights to ego-feeding, and takes some good, healthy back and fourth, almost always coming out smelling green on the other end, that and everyone develops a new disdain or respect based on their OWN ego-feeding tendencies.
3. More whiny posts like this, clogging the sift talk, and causing chafing, discomfort, and keyboard damage from over use....

I prefer a good healthy rant to a bitch or whine, any day of the week!!

MKONE??? You sorry twat, what can you do to smooth this over with yer pal here, and start being perceived as an asset or ally, rather than a ass or a fall-guy??? You must be worthy of some consideration, you are still here participating....and it's soccer dude, not football.
written by choggie

It is a petty thing to do for sure. I'm not sure if it should be a bannable offense though, I suppose it comes down to how much etiquette should be enforced. Of course the mature thing would be to respectfully request the tags be changed, but then that would be the mature thing...

I suppose the bottom line is, its not about the quality of the video, its not about if the person dislikes the clip, its about disliking something that can easily be edited. Perhaps a bannable offense for repeat offenders?
written by Crosswords

He downvoted this iphone vid cuz of "downvote coz apple sucks and so does iphone. Nokia FTW". And this was in the queue. Video clearly says what it is... I think it's a similar case. Deserves a *bitchslap, at least IMO.

Oh yeah, he deleted my comment calling his behavior jerky as well.
written by winkler1

so perhaps let this thread serve as the S-quisiton, and bring out yer dread all-comers??...get in line it looks like- "coz apple sucks and so does iphone"
no shit??...what a clever quip-Let's chant in unison and drive the schizm from the collective midst-

Please don't let this turn into another panty-knot, short and sweet shall we?? Let the accused sell his/her/itself, with some justifiable banter, clever retort, or recognizable odour......Or get the fuck Gonesville, daddy-o......
written by choggie

It is completely unacceptable behavior, but there is NO NEED for tags to be changed just to suit a sifter's desires. It's football. We in the U.S. don't say "Want to come over and watch Monday night American Football?" No. We say "football" because that's what the sport is called. I'm SOOOO sorry if there's another sport called football.
written by MarineGunrock

This thread has now been choggified. Any further comments are completely redundant. It's kind of like being Godwinned, only more incoherent.
written by therealblankman

My meme can beat up your meme.
written by winkler1

choggified®, that's mine bitches....
written by choggie

MKONE wants to be an ass about tags... meh.... I can only get SO steamed about someone being asinine. After all, I vowed to downvote any and all videos by the Foo Fighters

(I'm joking. I upvoted the one by Michel Gondry)

Seriously, if people can have "auto-upvote" for things they like (and I think we ALL have them) then surely they can have "auto-downvote"

If he'd doing it based on his dislike of a type of VIDEO that's one thing, but if he were doing it for a type of PERSON that'd be another. This is, after all, video sift, not popularity sift right?
written by smibbo

Well, I'm one of the victims of his absurd behavior, so I'm definitely gonna weigh in on this. Needless to say, I think there's a serious (i.e. important for how the Sift functions) problem with what mkone's been up to. But I have to get to bed now, so I'll just edit my argument into this comment tomorrow.

[Edit: You know what, nevermind. Even though mkone is a douchebag, I don't want to waste any energy on this.]
written by Tofumar

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