Completely Erase Entire Comments from People You're Ignoring
I've just made a tweak to the system to allow for individual users that I define to completely erase comments in their entirety written by people you are ignoring.

If you are a person who can't stand that the existing "ignore" feature still allows you the opportunity to see comments from people you can't stand and want this feature enabled for you, just let me know (either here or in a PM if you'd prefer) and I'll enable it for you.

Caveat emptor: Once comments are completely hidden from a user you're ignoring you'll have no way to un-ignore them (except to ask me to turn this feature off for you of course).

Happy Friday!
Submitted by lucky760
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Thank you Lucky. I hope others find this helpful like I do.
written by newtboy

*quality tweak
written by eric3579

Awarding lucky760 with one star point for this contribution to VideoSift - declared quality by eric3579.
written by siftbot

/me ignores and erases everyone's comments.
written by ant

You know when you have a bruise or a sore tooth and you can't stop yourself from touching it? Ouch ouch ouch, and yet you keep touching it.

This is a grand solution to short circuit our human foible of torturing ourselves with completely avoidable pain.

Thank you.
written by bareboards2

Ignore sore teeth long enough and there won't be any teeth left.
written by speechless

True, but not applicable here. In this context that kind of equates to:

"Never have sex and you'll get pregnant anyway."

To mix metaphors even further, my point is: there *is* no spoon.
written by lucky760

I'm going to stick with the teeth metaphor and say that maybe the dentist should have performed some extractions when he saw rotting teeth. Or maybe enacted some dental cleaning regimen. Then patients wouldn't have to be given some morphine button to press to ignore the pain they can't manage to ignore.

Metaphor aside, this was a feature I asked for a long time ago too, but looking back on it I realize I was wrong. You can't just ignore problems.
written by speechless

Problem is were all people here,Speechless.One mans comedy is another's trigger. Unless it becomes cancerous for everyone its better to let people ignore systematically, effectually banning personally. I do think its a little much to remove them from the thread entirely, like Facebook does, because it will potentially fracture conversations. At least show that x ignored user posted, if not the content.

This could totally be done per user settings too.
written by gwiz665

I came back when I saw @speechless's comment. She is exactly right. Ignore does not work. It is a poor substitute for moderation.

Ignoring only works if everyone does it...and possibly not even then. It only takes one person to take the bait to make a troll thrive. If everyone actually did ignore, then it's no different from booting the troublemaker so quit beating around the bush and just boot the troublemaker. One method shifts the burden on the community members who many have given up after seeing how ineffectual ignore is and left, the other method shifts the burden where it should be, on those who run the site.

This site has been going downhill for a long while now because problem members have not been kicked out. It has been noted that the #1 video now only requires 40-ish upvotes where in years past it needed over double that.

I think I even recall @lucky760 voicing his concerns about the continued existence of this site in Sift Talk a while back.

All it takes is a short glance at comment histories to see who is here to contribute to the community and who is here only to incite and rile up and do not contribute to civilized discourse. Most people who read this will know who I am referring to. Dissenting opinions are still required to back their points up. Simply dissent by itself doesn't make the viewpoint valid or else you've just lowered yourself to the level of youtube comments, at a minimum, ad hom attacks and the bigger more well known logical fallacies should not be tolerated.

A good community requires moderation. All the strong forum communities out there depend on moderation to lay down the law on a regular basis...not just when one feels like showing up on the site once every month or so.
written by VoodooV

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