Dag Image Photoshop Challenge
Bottom line is that I was bored out of my mind, and wanted to draw stuff on that pretty boy's face.

Was trying to make this my avatar, but the strict 100 kb size limit wouldn't let me upload it

[img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v655/legacy0100/Dag_big.gif [/img]

Do you think you can do better? Photoshop dag's face into whatever your fancy and post your work here. If the members like your work, you'll get 1 star from +15 vote on your post
Submitted by legacy0100
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Hey, how come it doesn't show the image?
written by legacy0100

you're not gold 100
written by Thylan

I just discovered today that the FAQ was full of these fun facts
written by rottenseed

There were such restrictions? Weird
written by legacy0100

Hold On, I've got a stupid idea. I don't know if it'll work but let me try it.

Editing my original post right now.
written by legacy0100

Wow... well that lil number you did has got just about everything... its gonna be hard to top!
written by raven

It's so pretty- and so me. I'm all about the bling.
written by dag

you smoke cloves too dag?

1)we both have awesome beards
2)we both smoke cloves
3)we are both using our free 100 hours of AOL

are you my daddy?
written by rottenseed


Rottenseed and I were thinking about inviting you into our Beard Club (For Men), but only if you gave us t-shirts. This is a slight modification of my original scheme, which was to invite you into the club just to beat you up for a t-shirt. However rottenseed got all namby-pamby when he started believing you were his dad, so this plan is a compromise of sorts.

What a shame. I just bought new brass knuckles and a bicycle chain too.
written by kronosposeidon

I would join - beat-up or not. But I shaved a couple of weeks ago. I'm making a half-assed attempt to go back to work.
written by dag

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