5 Things You Hate About Videosift
Inspired by Jeff's recent post, I thought we should include the flip side. Here's the 5 things I hate most about Videosift (again, in no particular order):

1. popularity trumping quality
2. software bugs (as rare as they are)
3. mob rule
4. the lapse of intelligent commentary
5. sifting while drunk

Step up and air your grievances! Nah, actually maybe we can figure out the things that annoy the hell out of everyone and fix them.

[edit] See my comment in the other post for reference if some of those items see out of line.
Submitted by jonny
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1. Siftbot
2. Issykitty
3. dag
4. kronosposeidon
5. sarzy

They're all jerks. One being the most jerky.
written by bleedingsnowman

jonny,jonny..please, "What you hate", brother?? Why so bitter an cruel?? reserve that emboldened rage for midgets and the narcoleptic-.....waste it onna web blog....shhheeee!
written by choggie

Missed the other thread so I'll catch up here:

My hate/love top 5 in no particular order:
-(non)contextualized videos
-low/high resolution videos with(out) branding of the videohost
-members sifting more of what is here already/members sifting new stuff
-(un)responsive members
-community breaking/building website features
written by Eklek

"the lapse of intelligent commentary"

Have you been to other video related websites? The comments here are above average. There are still intelligent statements being posted here. Other sites have retards, spambots, chain letters, etc.
Only 4 things come to mind.

1. 'The waves'
A couple of videos fitting certain criteria do well, people notice this and then proceed to Supersaturate the Sift with every other similar video. Sadly, everyone seems to play along and many of them get easily promoted to the front even though they lack the quality of the first successful posts.

Example: Scientology and Zero punctuation.

2. Door to door salesman/telemarketer lingo used on video titles.
3. Extremely silly channel labeling.

Example: "Oh this video about an Optical illusion has background music in it, lets add it to the music channel!" That to me is the equivalent of watching a video and labeling it as Art just because I saw a painting hanging on a wall.

4. The manner some of the votes are given. ( "upvote just for the title", "she's hot, upvote" )

But that's more nitpicking than anything else on my part, overall VideoSift is a great place. Don't take this site for granted people.
written by mauz15

1. An endless stream of cute vapidity

2. No comment threading system

3. Strange channel invocations

4.Being too goddamned lazy to post more and being surpassed in less than a week by new kids on the block

5. The Evolutionist/Creationist battlegrounds

The cute videos aren't any worse than others, so don't be offended if yours is there. They're just a mild sprinkling of the OVER 500 videos you get after searching for cute.
written by randomize

Come on, Randomize! I thought listing the most pleasant sifters alive would be obvious enough and not warrent downvoting.
written by bleedingsnowman

mauz15 and eklek codified and otherwise delineated any further peeves or tweaks that would make this place an incredible venue....lose or otherwise adjust, the 10 things they described and see this place change dynamically overnight....as in, we don't care what anyone else thinks they hate about the place because jonny thought he'd be clever, these two summed it the fuck up!!!!
written by choggie

Hate is a rather strong word to use.
written by Fjnbk

1) The removal of the requeue.
2) Errrm... I really wish the requeue were back?

Really, I don't have many complaints about this place. There's a reason I spend so much time here.
written by Sarzy

Nothing I hate here. Although the executive washroom is nowhere near as nice as I'd imagined. And who keeps putting the paper towels in backwards? That's wasteful.
written by schmawy

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