What do you think of tattoos?
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I'd fall under the "tasteful" answer. Some tattoos just boggle my mind. Case in point, The SwayzeCentaur:

Here are a few of my other personal favorites:
http://ugliesttattoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/skull_face.jpg << Pretty much given up on white collar work
http://ugliesttattoos.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/heatherh-quotefail2.jpg << for budzos
Submitted by JiggaJonson
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I haven't got any myself, and I haven't ever had an explicit desire to get one, but my wife's planning on getting one or two, and I'm completely fine with that, since I know she'll go for a tribal stencil. Me, I generally like small and inconspicuous tattoos that are black ink tattoos. I've only seen a couple of color tatts that I liked, the majority range from terrible to not-so-good.
written by EDD

I gotta agree with edd here. Tatoos can be pretty, but the vast majority is just shite. I don't want one myself, but if someone feels strongly that they want one, then more power to them.

We considered getting the ft arrows from the videosift logo tattoed at the siftup - good thing we thought better of it though.
written by gwiz665

I've got one and I plan on getting more, if only they weren't so damn expensive. Black ink, since I don't like colored ones.
written by campionidelmondo

I've got each of my kids initials on my shoulder in black ink. Pretty inconspicuous and it's just for me. I don't really like it when tatoos are either 1) In obnoxious, plain to see places and 2) Overly generic (e.g. tribal arm band, Chinese characters that you can't read.
written by brycewi19

Hey... that's a picture of my tattoo!
written by lovelynotes

Here's my recent tattoo. My butt looks good showing a little crack, huh?
written by blankfist

^Wow that's a great message to read when giving it to someone in the behind...

I think portraits and other human forms are the worst... http://www.theginblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/ugly-daughter.jpg
written by Lann

I've always had this idea to get Not too tight please... tattooed on my left foot. That way I get one last laugh from beyond the grave from the morgue attendant.

But everyone I've talked to says 1) tattoos on the foot hurt like a bitch and 2) you have to constantly get it re-inked as it tends to wear off faster. Those two facts coupled with a possible misspelling, and the $150 I keep getting quoted has kept me from doing it. Maybe when I'm rich and famous...
written by videosiftbannedme

I have four and am planning on getting another one next year. I dislike two that I have. Especially my first one that I got 21 years ago.

I'm not voting in this poll because there isn't an answer that reflects where I'm at.
written by volumptuous

At most I might eventually get a small tattoo on the bottom of my wrist, but odds are I just simply won't get one at all. Tasteful tattoos can be pretty cool, but it's really just a waste of money since they're completely impractical.
written by JAPR

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