Should We Bring back the Siftquisition?
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The Siftquisition was a process wherein a member could "call out" another member for perceived violations of rules, etiquette etc on the Sift. Potential actions to be carried out against the accused were listed as votable choices, like a poll. People could vote on the outcome (if any) which would be carried out by the administrators (Dag and Lucky) at the end of the Siftquisition period.
Submitted by dag
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Should we open Pandora's box?

written by rasch187

Siftquisions don't work. They're bad, real bad.

Imagine a court where the jury doesn't have to listen to anything, doesn't even have to be present at the trial. They just make their vote at the end no matter what information they have or on what grounds they make their descision. Instead of picking a jury, we just let everybody in who wants to participate. As the result people will be judged by anything ranging from the quality of their videos to the tone of their comments, but a fair trial will be a mere illusion. I can't believe you're even cosidering bringing back this foul ordeal.
written by campionidelmondo

Why is this issue being raised again? Have there been any problems in the post-siftquisition videosift?
written by Sarzy

CDM's second paragraph is pretty accurate, but nothing says the SQ has to be done that way. SQs can work, but they need to be done quite a bit differently. I would propose a long brainstorming session before any reimplementation. This vote will almost certainly fail. I think a specific proposal should be put forth for vote instead of just the vague question.

A few thoughts off the top of my head:
- Voting on the SQ should not be allowed until adequate discussion of the case has occurred.
- An admin should decide what the punishment is. The Siftership should only decide guilt or innocence.
written by xxovercastxx

Who's the squeaky wheel that need a greasin'? Choggie, you causing trouble again? I'm not registering anything on my drama-meter.
written by schmawy

Siftquisitions already exist in the form they used to do back in the day; it just hasn't been used in a while (luckily). The formal way of having it be a vote is a bad way to go, I think.
written by gwiz665

a public evisceration?
that already seems to happen.
i have posted my feelings on this.
the sift is an organic community and one which self regulates itself by people who care about the sift.
while i have never participated in a siftquisition i have seen the final results.
not only were those results damaging but permanent.
so i say no.
siftquisitions serve no other purpose that can't already be taken care of by people communicating.
written by enoch

This post isn't in response to an incident or member- I'm just testing the water. And I'll keep my opinion out of it too.
written by dag

No one ...

written by NordlichReiter

Public humiliation. What's not to like?
written by rougy

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