Have YOU had an affair with Tiger Woods too?
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A lot of things are happening in the world: the war in Afghanistan, rebuilding Darfur, health care reform, the fight against AIDS, malaria effecting millions, the highest unemployment rates in nearly a century, and that interview on the sift with Pomplamoose. But nothing is more important right now than figuring out exactly who has had an affair with Tiger Woods.

Time to come clean people, this affects us all. I mean, just look at that lack of chest hair.


Just to clear up any confusion, this is supposed to be a tongue in cheek poll. I know that subtle sarcasm can be...well...subtle! So let me end any miscommunication going on here.

I think Tiger Woods is a great golfer but when I heard about the affair business I immediately thought "So what?" and assumed that the media would quickly forget about it. Much to my dismay, they press coverage has been widespread, idiotic, and of course sensational. Suddenly women are coming from all over the place declaring that they too had an affair with Tiger Woods. They shared alleged private conversations and text messages and everyone ate it up.

It's just something I get a little tired of hearing about. I see people have posted things about him being a role model for kids. GUESS WHAT if we didn't sensationalize this crap, kids would never have to know that their favorite golfer was cheating on his wife. Give the guys some privacy ffs.
Submitted by JiggaJonson
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This just in married professional athlete has a taste for Las Vegas Fluzzies, men everywhere shocked and disillusioned, forced to take comfort in the arms of their mistresses'.
written by Crosswords

I voted it's none of our business and stop living vicariously through celebrities.
written by gorillaman

But, because he's an accomplished athlete - he's a role model for the kids- because physical exceptionalism is what we want our kids to model. I feel a bit sorry for the Tiger- he's just a kick ass golf player.
written by dag

This is a spooky poll.
written by gwiz665

<big old edit>
Taking advice. Ceasing crying and sifting around.
written by oxdottir

^Stop crying and sift around it. This is a serious answer.
written by gwiz665

Americans sure love their non-news news stories, huh...

Next up: Tiger Woods launches himself in a homemade balloon!
written by demon_ix

Well Jigga we need role models like this for our children because daddy can't keep his dick out of company ink and mommy is a loveless shell of her former self.

So when the person we lean on to raise our kids can't come through, we get pissed and the media hypes it up. Now we have to go back to letting our kids worship Disney teen idols.
written by rottenseed

God who cares? I'm just amazed he couldn't be more discreet and keep the wife onside.
written by Deano

written by choggie

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