Channel *Africa: Approve or Deny?
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@longde has created channel *Africa. Before we activate or decline, as is demanded by @siftbot, we must first determine if there is adequate community support for the new channel.

So cast your vote above and the majority will determine the future of @longde's Africa Experience.
Submitted by lucky760
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Here is a thread that gives some background on why Africa was chosen:

Basically the guidelines for this channel would be:

Africa is:

-Culture, History, Politics, Philosophy, Technology, & News of Africa and her Diaspora
-about Northern and Sub-saharan Africans of all races, and diaspora members
-Geological and Geographic Africa
-Travel within Africa, or within diaspora communities
-Individual stories that speak to the unique cultural experience of Africans & diaspora members

Africa is not:

-Insulting animations or images of black people
-People behaving badly towards black people
-Any old video with a black person in it that does not speak to larger issues of culture, history,
etc (e.g., some black dude just washing his car)
-racist or disproven theories about black people
-Black sports, movie, or music stars, unless they have made a very significant social/cultural impact
-Videos whose central theme is race or racism, and not Africa as defined above
written by longde

It is a pretty well done description, you have that as a solid point.
written by BoneRemake

Excellent work longde!! I am sure you will be an awesome channel owner and we all look forward to helping *Africa grow and prosper.
written by critical_d

How about *videosift for the next one
written by legacy0100

Just out of curiosity, who are "diaspora members" in this context?
written by NetRunner

As an American I am offended by this. I don't know where the hell the city of Africa even is...
written by rottenseed

Nice choice!! Long-awaited channel!
written by Eklek

I voted yes, but I want to know where to put my "Any old videos with a black person in them".
written by kymbos

hiphop obviously. >> ^kymbos:

I voted yes, but I want to know where to put my "Any old videos with a black person in them".

written by dystopianfuturetoday

Is allowed? He has one convenient location... in Africa.

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written by direpickle

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