Lars Andersen shoots arrows the fastest
Submitted by oOPonyOo
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Neat, and that's a pretty impressive computer voice!
..not sure if a 30 lb draw bow would have been of much use in combat.. but whatever.
written by grinter

he'll shoot your eye out... plus, i use poison arrows !
written by vaire2ube

Yeah, what was it with the android talking?
written by Deano

written by Deano

Boosting this quality contribution up in the Hot Listing - declared quality by Deano.
written by siftbot

So being serious here with this question - was done with a speech synthesizer, and if so, anyone know which package was used? Or is it just some sort of accent (Norway?)? I ask because if it is a synthesizer, its awesome and I have been looking for a good one.
written by CaptainObvious

Am I the only one who thought the voiceover was annoying as hell? I couldn't watch the whole thing. I thought this video was sponsored by Anonymous for a moment.
written by artician

69m is enough. Fast and accurate even in weird situations. Impressive!
written by swedishfriend

Interesting video. Why didn't the press secretary of Anonymous who spoke the commentary for that video, mention the archer's name a few times more? I have forgotten it already. What was it again? Lars Ulrich? Wes Anderson? Homer Simpson?
written by wraith

I believe that's the Anonymous spokesdroid.
written by dag

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